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services offered
If you need help making previews for your site content or your stylesheet color coded, let me know. I also offer webstore exchange.



If you buy from my webstore and plan on selling any of the content you bought from me... please let me know FIRST. I will pay full price for any items you purchased from me so I can own the rights back for those items. If I don't wish to have those items back, I give you my full permission to sell said item at a discounted price. DO NOT SELL ITEMS YOU PURCHASED FROM ME AT FULL PRICE. THAT IS A RIP OFF TO ANYONE.


•I try to get back to everyone as soon as possible.
•Please know that I work on a first come, first serve bases.
•Whoever has their order in and pays first. I will not work on an order without payment first due to past issues.
•If you happen to change your mind once payment is sent, please let me know so I can refund you and keep items for myself or sell them.